Meet Our Alchemists

Collectively, we have...

• performed lifesaving surgeries • been senior executives of $30MM, $300MM and $30BB companies • founded and grown small, pioneering companies • led special ops missions globally • painted for President Clinton and illustrated children’s books • landed RF-4B Phantoms on aircraft carriers and flown Boeing 737's around the US • worked at PWC, EY and Lowe Worldwide helping transform Fortune 1,000 companies • created and continue to produce CNN Heroes • invented and launched hundreds of products & brands people enjoy every day  • those brands  generated over $10BB for clients and employers • authored scores of award-winning books • performed improv live and coached it around the country • taught leadership, management and innovation at universities like UC Berkeley and Stanford • helped innovate and grow many large global brands like Coca Cola, Disney and Kraft • parachuted in to fight forest fires • filmed documentaries in the US, Scotland and Finland • raised more than $10 million for charities • opened a dozen schools • been named on scores of patents and patent applications • sung to packed houses, danced professionally and delivered keynotes on culture, innovation and the power of play • hosted a creativity show produced by the Jim Henson Company • served on many boards from high tech & education startups to the TIA, PBS Kids and UC Regents • raised 25+ kids and been married more than 300 years (not to the same person!) • designed, built and renovated homes, schools, bridges and skyscrapers • interviewed Ted Kennedy, Meg Whitman and Wu Tang Clan  •  played professional racquetball  • opened and operated top restaurants   •  spoken Mandarin, Spanish, French, German and Latin •

Since we’ve done all that, 
imagine the perspective, talent and success
we could bring to your organization.

Let's see if your imagination matches up with our offerings and capabilities. 

Here are some organizations where we've worked, plied our trades and made an impact...

And, some great clients we dig working with...

Since Alchemy is new, these are recent or current clients of our Alchemists.

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We're also lucky to have great collaborators

They expand and strengthen Alchemy with
proprietary technology and unique capabilities.

Before you go, we want you to know that everyone above is an Alchemist. 
Yet, we have different roles to play on projects.





These folks are your day to day points of contact. They are responsible for project success and do the majority of the work. All of our Partners combine deep operational experience leading teams, divisions and companies with years of experience consulting for a range of companies, from start-ups to Fortune 100s.

Experts are our transdisciplinary leaders who excel in professions as varied as the military, healthcare, education, aeronautics, art, acting, music, science, firefighting, athletics, philanthropy, social activism, entrepreneurship and c-suite executives. The Experts usually have a day job, so they participate strategically in the RoundTables™ and SurgicalStrikes™.

Attached to every project that requires execution, Designers create materials and experiences that ensure people participate, learn and adopt. Our Designers encompass art, graphic, industrial, content, story, brand, communication, product, experience and set design.

If our client does not have a project manager, we have some amazing people to play this role and keep things on track.