What Teams Do

Translate strategy to plans, evaluate options, understand requirements, execute cross
functional work, leverage diverse perspectives, monitor progress, adapt to circumstances,
innovate, improve, lead, follow and, most vital of all ... build esprit de corps.

Why Teams are Important to Performance


Percentage of Fortune 1,000 executives rated working in teams as very important or absolutely essential.


Effective teams always outperform groups of individuals when the teams are properly understood and supported.


How Alchemy Improves Teams

From the emergency room to the military to theater, we have created
teams that perform big time (literally!).

Great teams start by focusing holistically on each person's abilities, motivations and health,
including emotional, physical and cognitive.  Then, we help evolve those individuals into
dynamic, collaborative teams that enable each other to be their best as they achieve and succeed together.

We then integrate your unique context and situation with the best practices of
team development, management, and leadership from across 20+ disciplines and professions.

This leads to game-changing, memorable experiences that build your team's capacity, capability, commitment and performance for the long run.