What Organizations Do

Organizations are dynamic systems that create, support and evolve the processes, structure, tools, strategies, rituals and space so people can do great work, build healthy cultures and fulfill the organization's compelling purpose.  Further, leaders need to engage the entire organization to align, execute, and renew faster and better than the competition.

Why Organizational Health is
Important to Performance


At least 50% of long term success is due to organization health.



Percentage of people who have their core needs met at work. 


How Alchemy Improves Organizations

Too often consultants focus only on one element of organizational performance –
talent, process, structure, rewards or strategy.

Yet, the biggest gains in performance result from both strengthening and aligning these component parts.

We focus on the organization as a total system.
We start from the premise that a compelling purpose is the primary catalyst,
and then work with you to assess and “tune” other organizational elements to deliver on that purpose.