What Leadership Does

Articulate the purpose, mission & principles; plan, prioritize & act; make smart decisions,
manage stakeholders & inspire innovation; and provide resources & knock down barriers.

Most significantly, leaders are responsible for creating cultures where people are
valued, respected and motivated.  This requires empathy, commitment and action to
nourish the core physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs of your people. 

Why Leadership is Important to Performance


The percentage of unsatisfied employees feeling physically depleted, emotionally drained, mentally distracted
or lacking meaning and purpose in work


The amount of annual costs in the US resulting from ineffective leaders directly contributing to employee dissatisfaction and the resulting underperformance



The percentage of sales lost annually caused by poor leaders diminishing morale and effectiveness of their team


How Alchemy Improves Leadership

We know leadership is hard because we are leaders ourselves.

Our approach is grounded in our lived experience that leaders are just people with
ambitions, needs, fears, strengths and limits – and lots of responsibility.  Working with leaders,
we empathize deeply as we support and challenge to generate fresh perspectives and positive growth. 

There is no mumbo jumbo - just practical tools and creative methods to help
leaders manifest their influence, wisdom, empathy and prowess.