Our 360-in-60 Options

It's not easy being a senior executive.  
You are responsible for everything.  
You will be the sacrificial lamb if things go wrong.  
You are constantly weighing choices and making decisions under significant time constraints
that affect business performance and peoples' lives.  
You may lead dozens, hundreds or thousands of people; serve numerous stakeholders;
and have a life outside of work.  All while being expected to always project confidence,
even in the face of incredible ambiguity or pressure.  
The job never ends.  

Our experience is that many executives don't get the timely support
they need to navigate these challenges and play at the top of their game.
Either they stay too insular, or they seek guidance from a narrow field of advisors.
And, often the input that executives receive from consultants and coaches is
uninspired, narrow or stale; and the insights take too long to secure. 

Alchemy is different. 
Our transdisciplinary engagement model, 360-in-60, offers access to perspectives,
skills and solutions you could never get from a coach or a traditional consulting firm.  
We guarantee that our approach will generate powerful, innovative ideas and
help you make superior decisions in 60 minutes

We offer three 360-in-60 models:

The Single

You complete a short online "brief" describing your problem, opportunity or situation (“the Issue”).

We assemble a transdisciplinary panel of our Experts aligned to the Issue.  This is your RoundTable™.  

They review and prepare for resolving the Issue.  We convene with you live or virtually for 60 minutes.  Our focused, facilitated process dives deep into the Issue; generates powerful, practical ideas and insights; and rapidly helps you define the right solution that you and your team can execute.

With your permission, we solicit your feedback so we can continually improve our 360-in-60 service.

The Crew

This is similar to The Single.  It is a one shot experience, but it done with crew of 4-6 executives.

You each complete the online "brief" describing your Issue.

We group executives together to ensure that each Issue represents a different archetype such as teamwork, new market opportunity, decision-making or portfolio prioritization.

We assemble the perfect RoundTable™ for your crew of executives.  

The Roundtable experts review and prepare for resolving each of the Issues.  

We meet in person for a half- to full-day 360-in-60 session.  Each executive’s Issue is addressed and solved in 60 minutes.  The other executives observe and contribute as additional experts.  We discuss the results together, so that all executive benefits from each other's RoundTable experience.

As with The Single, our focused, facilitated process dives deep into the issues; generates powerful, practical ideas and insights; and rapidly helps you define the right solution that can be executed.   

We solicit your feedback so we can improve our 360-in-60 service.

The Series

We do an intake interview with you to understand the general nature of your business and the types of Issues you are tackling.  You choose a period of time to engage with Alchemy (2 months to 1 year) and a cadence (weekly to monthly).

We assemble your RoundTable whose experiences and perspectives are most relevant to your industry, leadership style, responsibility, context, priorities and challenges.  

In prep for our work sessions, you update an online tracking tool a) describing the most pressing Issues to address in the session and b) updating the progress on implementing prior solutions.  In turn, the RoundTable experts review and prepare for the upcoming work session. 

We convene with you live or virtually.  The regularity and continuity of The Series allows us to dive deeper, to generate more nuanced insights, and to help you adapt and persist in the face of obstacles and new information to ensure solutions get implemented.   

We solicit your feedback to continually improve our work with you.

Peter Drucker said, “People in any organization are always attached to the obsolete -
the things that should have worked but did not, the things that once were productive and no longer are.” 

Alchemy says, “It doesn’t have to be this way.”