Our Services

Our transdisciplinary Alchemy crew has many ways to address your
Purpose, Performance and Innovation needs and opportunities.  
Here are some of our top offerings:

Activate Purpose

Grow market share by activating an organization’s purpose
Define, refine and align goals, strategy, brand and values to purpose
Rapid development of business and portfolio strategies your people can execute
Learn to increase sales by caring for and doing what is best for customers

Evolve Performance

Create deeply humane cultures that deliver great results for all stakeholders
Roundtable™ leadership coaching and problem-solving aligned to functional needs and industry expertise
Learn and master core capabilities like trust, rapport, communication, bias avoidance, and teamwork
Organizational development and change management customized to your needs and situation

Amplify Innovation

Invent brands, products and services people desire and admire
Design, develop and implement new innovation and business models, processes and system
Trandisciplinary training and development on tools and techniques such as Design Thinking, User-Centered Design, Creative Leadership, Play-based Learning, and Improv
Science-based creativity assessment and development for individuals, teams and organizations

All of Alchemy’s work is grounded in the disciplines of organizational development, change management, systems thinking, and professional leadership and coaching. 

It is deepened with the sciences of play, creativity, positive psychology, 
neurology, sociology, anthropology, and data analytics. 

And, it is driven by human-centered design and transdisciplinary expertise from notable leaders
who excel at strategy, execution, leadership and teamwork in the service of people and purpose.