Alchemy is Designed to Make Consulting
Work Great for You

Click on the percentages above to check out the sobering stats.  

Those results are no good.  We know there must be a better way.  We created Alchemy to be a better way.

The typical approach of business people hiring business people to solve their business problems
fails more times than not.   A better equation for leaders is to intentionally seek
transdisciplinary expertise, augmenting the best practices of business consultants with
the skills, methods and tools from an array of professions.  

That's because...

People are complex.  Teams are more complex.  Organizations are even more complex. 
And, your communities, customers, competitors and other influencers add more complexity.  
Paradoxically, most of the issues organizations face are universal such as teamwork and collaboration,
decision-making and execution, trust and candor, and creativity and strategy.  In our experience,
every situation produces unique variations of these issues, adding its own context and nuance. 

Ultimately, complex issues require compound solutions.
These solutions need to be designed beautifully simple but not simplistic.

Interestingly, leaders from professions beyond business often solve these issues
better than business leaders.  Our Alchemists have seen and addressed your issues and
opportunities before, yet we are resolving them anew each time.  Alchemy's transdisciplinary
skills, intelligence and experience significantly increase the probability that projects will
deliver great solutions and lasting value.

We promise that working with us will be rewarding, engaging and enduring.
And, our approach will be swift, smart, creative and practical.

Alchemy Helps CEOs & Leaders Catalyze
Purpose-Led Performance and
High Impact Innovation

We aspire to create a brighter future ... for our children, everyone's children, our communities, our world. 
This aspiration requires helping enlightened leaders create workplaces where people are
supported, encouraged and trusted to be amazing and use their talents to make a positive impact.

This starts with our transdisciplinary team helping leaders clearly articulate a compelling purpose
that generates passion, inspires creativity and elevates performance.  We then ensure that
your values, goals, strategy and brand are clearly aligned to each other ... and your purpose.
This drives high quality decision-making and strategically sound action.  

To empower people to perform at an elite level in pursuit of the compelling purpose,
we define, refine and align processes, tools, structures, strategies, incentives, symbols and rituals.  
For our HR friends, this involves a range of disciplines including organizational development,
change management, culture design, training and education, talent management and
a few proprietary trade secrets.

For organizations who want to make the future, we can help them amplify innovation (a specific
type of performance).  Our work spans individual and team skills-building to cultivating
innovation cultures and building innovation management systems.  

We break rules that need breaking, discover the deep unmet needs that drive passionate adoption, 
help you dream big with your feet on the ground, and transform your greatest ideas into reality.

Whether you want to activate your Purpose, achieve elite Performance or amplify Innovation,
our work scales to meet any needs ... big or small.  
This work tends to fall into the following categories:

Engaging, interactive presentations and workshops (for 5 to 500) that inspire new ways to think, create and problem-solve, while also building essential skills to
thrive and excel


Data-driven assessment of systemic leadership, organizational, and innovation strength and weakness; while also addressing individual and team engagement, capacity and capabilities


Working side-by-side with you to create transformative change, starting with a clear problem statement and finishing with execution of the right solutions that deliver long-term value and growth