Amplifying innovation combines individual and team skill enhancement with
systems design that considers an organization's structure, process, tools, incentives and culture. 
It starts with evaluating the existing conditions.  It culminates with developing and
implementing a range of improvements from individual skill enhancement to
enterprise-wide innovation management.

Our evaluation process includes proprietary technology, data and approaches. 

  • For individuals and teams, we work with Vastability.  They are the gold standard for
    assessing and augmenting individual and team creativity and problem-solving skills.

  • Our partner Innovators Equation provides us with the only evidence-based analytical tool for
    evaluating an organization's innovation management systems.   

In practice, we have led organizations and consulted with others to design, refine,
implement and manage innovation groups, management systems and culture.  

We have enabled our clients and the organizations we have led
to consistently outperform their competitors in ingenuity, speed and adoption ... 
generating billions in top-line revenues.