3 Reasons Typical Approaches Fail

1. Leaders want change, but they don’t challenge themselves enough.  
    Instead, they hire consultants like themselves, which is safe but not great.  

When leaders hire consultants with similar backgrounds and approaches, they often get predictable solutions and uninspired outcomes.  Imagine if companies could tap into the experience of leaders from all walks of life who successfully execute change, lead high-performing organizations and excel at the skills and behaviors you want… Alchemy does just this.  We are a growing community of leaders from the military to education, aeronautics to medicine, improvisation to fire-fighting, and architecture to athletics.  All of our Alchemists are Experts in their discipline or profession—experts who know how to create conditions that catalyze and solidify new feelings, beliefs and behaviors.

2. Leaders clarify their purpose, align core strategic elements to the purpose, and
decide on a plan of action. But, actual execution often breaks down.  

Enduring success needs great solutions and execution that motivate people to adapt and adopt improvements for good.  Change management plans, organization development approaches and other management methodologies are critically important, yet are only part of the solution.  It is in execution that people skilled in human-centered design can make the difference between good and great execution.  At Alchemy, these people are our Designers.  Trained in graphic, visual, information, content, communication, brand, culture and experience design, they know that great design makes things work great for people.  Working together, our Partners, Experts and Designers roll up their sleeves and help you get the right things done beautifully.

3. Leaders do not really want change. 

Unfortunately, Alchemy cannot help with this.  This is a good job for a trusted confident, a strong board, or a crisis to catalyze action.